Sunday, November 6, 2011

What do I believe in?

An old friend from high school facebooked me the other day with these questions...

What religion are you?
Did you let  your kids go out for Hallowe'en
What about 2012?
Do you believe there is actually a "hell", Satan?  Reincarnation?

It was a very interesting exercise to answer these questions.  Really got me to thinking about what I truly believe in in this life.  So here goes, would love to hear your answers.....broke it down into some categories, sometimes the lines are crossed between them, but makes it a bit easier...


I believe in God
I believe the only way to get into Heaven is through an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ
I believe that if we live a life guided by Christ-it's a better life-I have lived both ways with Christ is far far better trust me
I believe that yes our path has been laid out before we are born, but that there are forks in the road that we have to make choices about-God already knows which ones we'll chose
I believe that the bible is the most important book you can ever read
I believe that the bible can and does explain dinosaurs

I believe in Satan
I believe that yes there is a hell and it's not here on earth like other religions teach
I believe that each and every day we walk this earth there is a spiritual battle being fought to win our souls from the good side to the dark side-I am currently losing that battle
I believe in spiritual possession and have seen evidence that it exists
I believe in exorcism and have been present for one (scarier then an horror movie I have ever seen)

I did send my kids out on Halloween, because I believe that if they are taught to recognize it for it's meaning, they will understand it's totally just about the candy for them (and I get to share that candy :oD)

I celebrate Easter because I believe in it's truest roots, but am well aware that there are many pagan connections to it's timing

I celebrate Christmas knowing full well that it is NOT even close to the time that Christ was actually born-however, it is an amazing magical time in the lives of christians to be able to come together as a whole and celebrate the "birthday" of the most important man in history!

I did lie to my children about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause-I have since apologized and talked to them about whether or not they should incorporate these "traditions" into their lives with their own children-it is their choice.

Not Really Religion-but I know many friends who put these things under this category...

We watch movies in our house that many other christians will not:  Harry Potter being on the top of that list.  I believe that if children are taught that fictional movies are FICTIONAL that they will not take them on as anything else but fiction.

I do however believe that the media industry has crossed ALOT of lines as far as what is allowed in movies in the PG rating system and that this has lead to a huge down fall in our world.

I believe that swearing is a sin.
I believe that people who swear make themselves look out to be lower class and dirty.  I have sworn in my life-"like a trucker" at times-and have felt that dirtiness and have vowed to not make it a part of my life. (stubbing my toe always makes that a challenge) here goes!

I believe that western doctors know NOTHING about what healthy really means-and I have met one that admits his years in medical school taught him how to prescribe medications NOT how to treat illness
I believe that the more medications you put into your body the higher the chance you will die earlier
I believe that natural alternatives like Oil of Oregano can and do cure diseases

I believe that childhood vaccines lead to life long health crises
I believe that the makers of vaccines are well aware of their dangers but are in love with the money
I believe that everyone should learn THE TRUTH about vaccines and no child should ever be given one EVER!

I believe that cancer is a man made disease
I believe that cancer can be cured without chemo or radiation!

I believe that chiropractors should be everyone's primary care physician
I believe that every newborn's first check up should include a chiropractic adjustment within minutes of their birth
I believe that a properly maintained spine (via regular on going chiropractic care) can and does cure illnesses, diseases etc.

I believe that the food we put into our mouths can and does poison us
I believe that soy products are the leading cause of many health issues such as breast cancer
I believe that asparatame and other artificial sweeteners are the biggest hoax in the world-they make you gain weight not lose it, and are a leading cause of diabetes

I believe that nothing in the world is truly organic, but we can at least try to make it as organic as possible by not adding things to it


I believe that our health care system lies to new parents on a daily basis
I believe that every baby should be born without medical intervention unless life threatening
I believe that breech babies can and should be born vaginally
I believe that every child should be born with a midwife and a doula in the room
I believe that our local hospital has one of the worst labour and delivery units I have ever been in, because the majority of the nurses are more interested in giving you an epidural then helping you have a natural birth.
I believe our local midwives are amazing
I believe that Ontario should open birthing centres

.......that's just a start, wowsers what a way to really put it out there.....Jean send me more ?s :o)

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