Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are You Toxic Questionnaire

Here is a great check list to look at the degree to which your body is toxic.

Read each statement, for every yes give yourself a point.  The Scoring follows the questionnaire.

Do you breath air on a daily basis?
Do you live in a major metropolitan area?
Does your occupation expose you to toxins?
Do you use fluoridated toothpaste to brush your teeth daily?
Do you have "silver" dental fillings?
Have you ever had a tooth extracted and or root canal fillings?
Do you use unfiltered tap water to brush your teeth, take a shower, wash your hands, do dishes etc?
Do you use unfiltered tap water to make coffee, tea or other hot beverages?
Do you use commercial household cleaners?
Do you use cosmetics, deodorants, antiperspirants or commercial hand creams?
Have you ever take prescription medications or over the counter medications, including birth control?
Do you have carpet in your home or office?
Do you eat non organic fruits, vegetables or meats?
Do you have clothes that you dry clean?
Do you wear synthetic materials (such as polyester, spandex)
Do you eat processed foods that come from a box or can?
Do you eat from fast restaurants at least once a month?
Have you ever smoked or been exposed to second hand smoke?
Do you eat in restaurants more then twice a week?
Do you use bug sprays in your home on your body or have a pest control system at work?
Do you use weed killers, pesticides or fertilizers on your lawn and garden?
Do you dye or bleach your hair?
Do you wear cologne or perfume?
Are you overweight, underweight or have cellulite deposits?
Do you drink alcoholic beverages regularly? (more then once a month)
Do you eat fish more then twice a week?
Do you swim in a pool or lake?
Do you live near an airport?
Do you work in an environment with florescent lighting?
Do you drink non-organic coffee or tea?
Do you ever feel tired, lethargic or sluggish when you wake up or throughout the day?
Do you have difficulty concentrating ?
Do you feel depressed or have mood changes?
Do you get more then one or two colds per year?
Do you have postnasal drip, congestion or a stuffy nose when you wake or throughout the day?
Do you have bad breath, or ever have a bitter or metallic taste in your mouth?
Is you tongue coated with a white film?
Do you have a strong body odor?
Do you have strong smelling urine?

Do you have trouble sleeping or feel unrefreshed when you wake up even after a sound sleep?
Are you nails weak, soft or brittle?
Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
Do you often feel stressed or anxious?
Do you have allergies to household items such as dust or mold?
Do you have eczema, dry skin, acne or rashes?
Do you gain weight easily?
Do you have food cravings for high carb foods or sugary foods?
Do you have pain or discomfort on the right side of your stomach occasionally or after eating?
Does dietary fibre cause you to be constipated?
Do you have sensitivity to perfumes or other chemical odors?
Do you have persistent joint and or muscle pain?
Do you get chronic infections?
Do you have a headache more then 3 times a month?

The results:

If you score less then 10.  This is a great sign!  Chances are you have already started to live a cleansing lifestyle.  Keep up the good work and cleanse daily to avoid the everyday toxins that we can't avoid.

If you said yes to 11-24 of the questions:  Defiantly room for improvement.  Your exposure to toxins is high and you are suffering from the toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis.  You need to examine the things in your life that you can control and reduce the toxins around you.  A 30 day deep cleanse if you do not have any excess weight to lose will help you release the toxins from your body.  Following up with monthly deep cleansing for at least 1 or 2 days will help keep the toxins from leading to health issues.  If you have weight to loss, back to back 30 day cleanses until you have reached your weight goal will benefit you greatly.

If you said yes to 24+.  You are highly toxic!  You most likely have daily aches and pains that no matter what you do will not go away.  This type of lifestyle will, if it already hasn't, puts you at risk for serious health issues.  You need to place yourself on a 30 day cleanse and continue this until you can answer in the other 2 categories preferably the 10 and under.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO the question becomes now what do I do?

No matter your score you NEED to cleanse your body of the toxins going in, and let's face it, if you breath they are going in.  You can lesson the amount greatly by eliminating the things on the list above, but we can't walk around in a bubble with purified air all day-although I might be willing to try one day!

Best way to cleanse by far of all the ones I have tried is 100% Isagenix.  The proof is in the pudding and the pudding tastes awesome and has such huge results!

Come visit my website then ask me how to get started.  www.amyeaustin.isagenix.com

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